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Praise for A Ritchie Boy


“Linda Kass’s eagerly anticipated second novel, A Ritchie Boy, is an engrossing, deeply moving story of the immigrant journey, a profound and timely reminder of how refugees have woven their strengths, talents, successes, and sacrifices into the fabric of America.”

Jennifer Chiaverini, New York Times best-selling author of Resistance Women

"...[a] lovely novel in stories...Kass doesn’t shy away from the horrors of exile, anti-Semitism, genocide, and war. But she also presents a strong case for stubbornly opposing that darkness with tolerance, decency, friendship, love, and hope."
—Historical Novels Review

“Told as a series of interconnected stories, Linda Kass’s captivating, based-in-truth novel A Ritchie Boy is about assimilation, hope, and perseverance.” 

—Foreword Reviews

“A mesmerizing kaleidoscope of stories about displacement, finding home, and the kindness of strangers. Haunting and heartfelt.” 

–– Fiona Davis, national best-selling author of The Chelsea Girls

"I devoured A Ritchie Boy over a single weekend. What a rich, beautiful book Linda Kass has written. I found such poignancy and delight in every facet of these characters’ lives. This is first-rate historical fiction.”

Alex George, national and international bestselling author of A Good American and The Paris Hours

“From Vienna during the Anschluss to booming post-war Columbus, Linda Kass has done her homework.  Half historical novel, half family saga, A Ritchie Boy will charm readers who loved All the Light We Cannot See.” 

–– Stewart O’Nan, author of City of Secrets


"How did a whole generation of the Jews who were lucky enough to escape Hitler manage to reinvent themselves in America? In A Ritchie Boy, Linda Kass lovingly explores the spirit and the process of one such transformation. A compelling story of empathy, resilience, and the power of the American dream." 

–– Nina Barrett, owner of Bookends & Beginnings


A Ritchie Boy interweaves characters from Kass’s first novel, Tasa’s Song—providing a rich context of place and perseverance during the darkness surrounding World War II.  The everyday human spirit is unmasked by the revelation of profound life experiences in this engaging tale that will appeal to public library customers.” 

Patrick Losinski, CEO, Columbus Metropolitan Library


"Both Tasa’s Song and A Ritchie Boy, while fiction, are the stories

of Linda Kass’ family and their escape from Nazi destruction and survival against all odds. . . Both books provide views of Jewish life during the 1930s and 40s. A Ritchie Boy and previously published Tasa’s Song should be staples for Jewish book clubs.”  

—Ohioana Quarterly


“Historical fiction is a literary time machine. Thanks to the talent and imagination of Linda Kass, this journey back to the tragic days of World War II is both solemn and joyous – solemn because of the ghastly shadow of Nazism overtaking Europe, and joyous because of the forces of light that rose up to oppose it. These linked stories create a seamless and poignant whole, a deeply felt, richly described, and quietly moving meditation on faith, passion, sacrifice, struggle, and the everlasting power of family love.” 

–– Julia Keller, Pulitzer Prize-winning journalist and author of Sorrow Road: A Novel


“Trust Linda Kass to write delicately and compassionately about the pain and bravery required of refugees. Although her milieu is the Second World War and the host country is the American Midwest, this gem of a book resonates profoundly even today.” 

––Helen Schulman, author of Come with Me

“Linda Kass’s A Ritchie Boy is a splendid gathering of memorable characters and stories about what it takes to leave a home, to travel to a new country, to find a way not only to survive there but to thrive. This story of persistence will warm you with its indomitable belief in family and in love.” 

––Lee Martin, author of Pulitzer Prize finalist The Bright Forever 


“Filled with rich historical detail and strikingly beautiful turns of phrase, this novel-in-stories moved me, inspired me, and transported me to a different time and place the way only the best tales do. Linda Kass is a masterful storyteller with a knack for taking hold of the reader’s heart simply, gently, skillfully in a way that makes it easy to be swept away by her words. I highly recommend A Ritchie Boy.” 

Kristin Harmel, international best-selling author of The Room on Rue Amélie and The Winemaker’s Wife 


“Linda Kass’s A Ritchie Boy is an American story of World War II Jewish immigrants and a wonderful account of families that came and helped others and the communities in which they lived. Its poignant telling makes me glad that there were some happy endings from such a horrific time in history.” 

––Linda White, owner of Sundog Books 

“This collection of intertwined stories shines a light on the immigrant experience and their contributions winning the war. Readers of historical fiction and WWII fans will find much to admire in Linda Kass's work. 

Pamela Klinger-Horn, Excelsior Bay Books 


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